Monday, June 8, 2009

Chamillionaire, Not Retiring

Last week Houston based rapper Chamillionaire announced that he will no longer continue his Mixtape Messiah Series. Along with that he also announced that his 3rd studio album, "Venom" will not be dropped. As speculation continues to grow Chamillionaire will make things clearer for his fans on June 12, 2009 as suggested on his website:

I would also like to note that Chamillionaire is not retiring from rap, many of his fans speculated that he was, but those sources are not true.

Nuggets, a Few Pieces Away

As the last few seconds of Game 6 in the Western Conference Finals ticked away, Nugget fans allover the world are wondering, what do we need to win it all?

Today, we sit and watch as the Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Lakers battle it out. And we all think to ourselves, "the Western Conference Finals was much more exciting and entertaining than this."

Now we will look at the future and see what this Nuggets team has to offer. The positive light we see in Billups and Melo working together for a whole year, as well as having an offseason. The time to gel as a team, understanding teamwork, consistency, and most of all having the hunger to want to win it all.

I believe that the Nuggets was a good team last year, but a greater team lies ahead, if the front office, owner Stan Kroenke, and the coaching staff can get together and understand what they need than next year should, and will be exciting for the state of Colorado.

Here are what I think the Nuggets need to look for during this offseason to become a team that will be feared by many powerhouses like the Lakers, Celtics, and Cavaliers. The Nuggets need another "Big Man," yes Nene had a fantastic season at center, but the Lakers exploited our frontline as being too small.

We also need a good back up point guard, maybe a younger one to learn the ropes under Chauncey Billups. The reason why we need a young or rookie point guard is to develop under one of the best point guard in the league, and may even turn out to be like a Rodney Stuckey. Anthony Carter was a good point guard defensively, but playing that position, you must have a low turnover number, and thats what he didn't provide as he committed many turnovers.

And finally, the three pointers. We struggled all year with it, and when you can't put teams away with such a deadly weapon as the three then you don't deserve to win it all. JR Smith can shoot the three, but is erratic and inconsistent. Linas Kleiza is a question mark for next year and is also inconsistent. Having a guy who is consistent shooting the three and is counted on when needing that three to get the team back into the game is key.